• A sea dweller, Moray Luke has spent a life enchanted by the wonders of the ocean in her small little Welsh village.

    This affinity for the sea has influenced her Marine Collection of fish leather handbags in which she transforms waste from the £618 million Scottish salmon industry in to an heirloom.

    The sustainable designer who made it from her bedroom to Paris Fashion Week over the pandemic provides an environmentally-friendly and more durable alternative to unsustainable exotic leathers and the collection of bags are responsibly handmade made in Somerset, England.

    The handbags are currently available in boutiques across the UK and the Marine Collection are available to purchase at morayluke.com.

  • As the failures of vegan leather and cow leather become more evident, a greater need for a new sustainable material grows. Fish leather is the answer.

    Using an overlooked by-product, we turn the unused fish skin from our local £618mil Scottish fishing industry into durable and eco-friendly leather. A big step in the right direction.

    Through our handbags, we are promoting the dire need for slow-fashion, and a conversation around sustainability the fashion industry really needs to be having.