Daphne and Pom Pom Collection

Whether you’re sporty yourself, just a fan, or simply want an understated accessory to go with your everyday outfits, Daphne and Pom Pom is perfect for you.

Two bag styles inspired by family bonds and love, and an ode to a family history of cricket, Daphne and Pom Pom is a classy and effortless collection in our beautiful Scottish leather.

With an adoration for the grandparents who did it all for their family and symbolised the heart of the tribe, Daphne and Pom Pom represents what it means to have unconditional love for those around you.

Choose between Daphne, the luxury trophy wife, or Pom Pom, the rugged and practical backpack made from recycled material. Whatever your choice, these bags are sure to keep your belongings safe no matter what’s on your schedule for the day.

At Moray Luke, it is our top priority to do better for the environment. That’s why we created Pom Pom to take another step in the direction of a more eco-friendly fashion industry. Repurposed materials transform into a beautifully practical backpack that ensure your look good wherever you go. Daphne compliments this rugged look with a contrasting image of beauty and sophistication.

If bright pops of colour aren’t your thing or you’re just looking for something more simplistic, this collection will bring you exactly what you need; a subtle hint of exquisite sophistication that does the job while not overpowering your appearance.