The Story Behind Our Best-Selling Meredith Bag

The Story Behind Our Best-Selling Meredith Bag

Meredith Bag

Wonder why our Meredith style is our best selling handbag? This is the story of her creation.

Meredith is the first handbag I had ever designed. She was the first pattern I ever made, in which I learnt from YouTube pattern making tutorials. Despite being my first bag I designed when inexperienced and at the start of my career, she has been sold all over the globe and has owners in 5 continents! 

Who is the ‘Meredith’ bag named after?

One of the most beautiful women I have seen on screen is Charlotte Rampling in Georgy Girl, a film released in 1966 movie Georgy Girl,  that stars Lynn Redgrave about swinging 60s London. It was a comfort film for me growing up and is packed with British nostalgia.  All the most notable classic designer bags are named after IT girls. From the Birkin to the Alexa. Charlotte Rampling is vixen in Georgy Girl, and a classic British bag needed to be named after a classic British star.


Making the pattern

When making leather patterns for Meredith, I didn't start with sketches or colour swatches; it began with a vision of where I wanted her to accompany me. When I imagine my perfect day, it has to be at a used  book shop in Notting Hill searching for books on history, in which inspire my work.  I also love my Canon AE-1 vintage camera and that also was also a must to fit  inside my bag. Therefore I made simple leather bag pattern based on depth first, that fits a paperback and a camera. 

Why I think Meredith is a popular bag style.

The feedback I’ve received from clients is that the nostalgic British style makes them feel a certain way, she is the ideal medium size designer bag and i’ve had clients tell me that it holds just enough;  from casual outings to more formal occasions. I’ve even had a client carry her binoculars in it!


As a new British bag company, Meredith represents Moray Luke perfectly.












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