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Our new magaine; Moray’s Muse

Photo credit; Wayne O Watson

We are delighted to announce the launch of Moray’s Muse; our monthly history magazine which is a supplement to our fashion house. Moray’s Muse is an online monthly magazine in themed issues that blends high fashion with essays on some of our favourite historical takes and beautiful editorials . however, for a brand that is high fashion why is history the subject that the basis for our magazine?

While many know that our fish leather bags are inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's folklore, our founder Moray has been passionate about classics since she was a little girl, from Homer’s Odyssey to Gallo-Roman history. When the brand was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, pop culture didn't feel relatable; history was much more appealing when life was terrifying, and because of this, her love for it only intensified. Heritage  is built in to our brands DNA,  from each pattern we made for a prototype while listening to a podcast on the Celtic Sea, to dreaming of what ancient sites to shoot campaigns one day.

And so we did, we have shot campaigns in submarines to the gorgeous auction house Wooley and Wallis were 18th century boats were used as inspiration for our wolffish fish skin bags. However, we now want to tell bigger stories and Moray’s Muse is how we will start doing that. For our clients we provide suggestions of the most fantastic places you can take your Moray Luke bags,  to making long reads on the long and nuanced  history of fashion items we all covet and have in our wardrobes to behind the scenes and educational content  on how something that seems simple, like an editorial, can take.

We hope for us, that handbags is just the start, we are barely three years old but hope to achieve, with luck so much more in coming years. To read our latest issue, the SOL issue click

Our lifestyle website can be found (here)

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Moray — Founder & Designer

I am a young designer and  owner of an eponymous label, Moray Luke which makes bags inspired by my seafaring Celtic heritage and shows at London and Paris fashion week every season. I write about the many fashion weeks I do and my love of history and how it intertwines with high fashion.