How to care for a designer bag rental.

How to care for a designer bag rental.

Designer handbag hire is becoming one of the best ways to carry a bag. Here is a guide to how  bag rental works. 

Choose Rental Period: Decide on the duration for which you'd like to rent the handbag. Rental periods can vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the rental service and availability. Moray Luke offers a standard 7 day rental.

Place Your Order: Place your order through the rental service's website or app. Provide necessary details such as your shipping address, payment information, and rental period. Some rental services may also require a security deposit, which is refunded upon return of the handbag in good condition (Moray Luke deposit is covered with the price).

Receive and Enjoy: Once your order is confirmed, the rented designer handbag will be shipped to your specified address. Upon receiving the handbag, inspect it carefully to ensure it matches your expectations and is in good condition.

Use and Care: Whilst we want you to enjoy your rental period,  However, be sure to handle it with care to prevent any damage or stains. Avoid placing it on rough surfaces, and keep it away from moisture and sharp objects.

Return: At the end of the rental period, carefully package the handbag using the provided packaging materials and return it to the rental service. Moray Luke offers a prepaid shipping label for example.

You should;

Carefully inspect your purse rental when you receive it; Sometimes companies slip up,  and you want your handbag to look as good as you at the event you hired it for. Any issues from the company should be sorted out ASAP.

Check your rental agreement; When you lease a bag,  companies may have different  agreements. Some may need you to have an accounting with the company for example: Moray Luke email’s  you a digital copy of the rental agreement along with your order confirmation or shipping details. You can review and download the agreement from your email inbox.

Be wary of weather: English garden parties in the summer are such a lot of fun, but the leather of your purse rental being damaged from a downpour will impact your bag. If sustains any damage during your rental period, report it to the rental service as soon as possible so you can get your deposit back as soon as possible.

If these tips in mind, handbag rental is a fabulous way to contribute to the circular economy!

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