What makes a ‘Moray Luke’ a ‘Moray Luke’

What makes a ‘Moray Luke’ a ‘Moray Luke’

One of the most asked questions I get is ‘Moray, why did you choose bags’ for your vision and ‘what makes a Moray, a Moray’

It’s no secret I am a thalassophile. Anything to do with the sea, I need to be near or reminded of. Fish leather, while a newer concept, utilises waste from the seafood industry, wherein our supplier tans hides, a byproduct from their Scottish farm that provides industry to their town. So traceability as a Celtic brand is something we rate highly. As a designer with disabilities, its imperative I chose a material that felt super sensory. As somebody whose brain is overworking, fish leather is a mindful material that doesn’t need energy intensive processes to make it feel unique. So when overwhelmed, as I usually am, caressing my bag, it creates a tactile.experience and makes me feel calmer.

Traceability isnt only important to us in that respect. Our silhouettes for our bags are voluptuous and cuddly. I like curves and grooves a lot and wanted to make something that feels fluid and contoured (despite experimenting with it, and it seems something proving popular with clients). In terms of our colours, as someone who is light sensitive, to complete my vision, bright colours. I want my bags to feel electric looking. Our first collection contained more muted tones, however our bright colours go quickly and that's a delight to me. My personal favourite is this blue meredith in wolffish which is the bag ive carried all 2023. She’s electric too. For me, my aspirations go way beyond bags and high fashion but this industry is what I call home and I will be here, hopefully for the rest of my life. I do hope to place my aesthetic in films and learn cinematography and share my passion for history too so I am learning how to import what i do for high fashion in to cinematography and other media outputs.

Lastly as a disabled individual who has dealt with clothes that do not fit, and shoes which buckle I find hard to manage, bags are one size fits all. Everybody can carry a bag. A gorgeous bag can make everybody feel beautiful.

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Moray — Founder & Designer

I am a young designer and  owner of an eponymous label, Moray Luke which makes bags inspired by my seafaring Celtic heritage and shows at London and Paris fashion week every season. I write about the many fashion weeks I do and my love of history and how it intertwines with high fashion.